The Swee-tea(st) Skin: Product Use

The Swee-tea(st) Skin: Product Use

Swee-tea Products are made with beneficial ingredients to lock in moisture & hydrate, here are a few tips & tricks to ensure you have the Swee-tea(st) skin! 

  • When using Swee-tea Sugar Scrubs always ensure to use on damp skin
  • Swee-tea Sugar Scrubs are most beneficial to your arms, legs, & torso.
  • Ensure that you are scrubbing in circular motions for the very best results! 
  • Swee-tea Sugar Scrubs paired with our all natural loofah is an unbeatable combo. Swee-tea products are not necessary every day (although you may prefer to use daily, who wouldn't???) however the all natural loofah is a game changer in the shower! 
  • Our key ingredients provide an ample amount of moisture, in order to further lock in this moisture use a lotion or cream of your choice after use to really seal the deal! 

BONUS Swee-tea Tip:

  • When planning to be out in the sun Swee-tea is also an additional moisture barrier, so feel free to use before going outdoors! Sunblock is always recommended as Swee-tea contains coconut oil which can attract the sun and increase your chances of suntan/burn. If you are working on a tan just ensure to use a lower SPF Sunscrean/block. 



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