Why Swee-tea?

Why Swee-tea?

You may find yourself asking why Swee-tea? What would prompt you to spend on our products? What makes Swee-tea unique… what makes Swee-tea Sugar Scrubs special? 

  • Have you ever looked at the product ingredients to your current Sugar Scrub? Swee-tea Sugar Scrubs have a maximum of FIVE ingredients in our Scrubs. Yes that’s right a maximum of FIVE wholesome and pronounceable ingredients.
  • Swee-tea Sugar Scrubs are sold in glass jars complete with bamboo lids. Not only is that more aesthetically pleasing but it also serves the purpose & added benefit that there will be no GMOs such as those found in plastic containers.  
  • Our products do not contain any unnatural additives for scent. Our products only contain their god given scent without any artificial ingredients incorporated. This also makes our product more user friendly for those with allergies that can be triggered by heavy scents… not to mention men can comfortably use it too! 
  • WHY only 9oz? This is a question we continue to receive. There are no preservatives in our products meaning they do have a shelf life. Each jar has a marked expiration. One great thing to know is that your product was made fresh! If you are ever interested in a more bulk order, stay tuned we are working now on launching our Swee-tea Subscription Services! 
  • Swee-tea products are made with all natural and organic ingredients & are vegan friendly!
  • Why Swee-tea??? Have you found yourself curious or confused by our brands name? Each & every Swee-tea product has incorporated all natural green tea leaves. This is something that makes our product so unique! There are several natural benefits that green tea can offer all skin types! So while you can’t drink our product… rest assured we have incorporated tea for several added potential benefits & they are SWEET!  

Have any questions in regards to our products? Ask below!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog where Swee-tea goes over all potential benefits of our amazing products that make your skin the Swee-tea(st)! 

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