About Swee-tea Products

Swee-tea was designed to provide a quality product with minimally simple yet luxurious ingredients. Have you ever taken the time to look at all of the included ingredients in your current Sugar Scrubs???

Our unique line of Sugar Scrubs all incorporate specially selected & minimal ingredients that combined provide an amazing experience for your skin. There are zero preservatives in Swee-tea Products & we use only pure/organic ingredients. Swee-tea only uses natural scents & does not incorporate any hidden additives. Without heavy fragrances like other Sugar scrub brands our product is more “friendly” for all types of clientele (don’t be shy guys!). Allergy & skin sensitivity was also thoughtfully in mind in each & every product produced.

Ensuring you receive the highest quality & fresh product every order is our upmost priority! There are several benefits for each one of our unique Sugar Scrub blends with different skin types in mind, check out our blogs for more details & subscribe for the latest promotions!